Aurora Bay Dive Center

This Omar 4-star hotel is located in Jabal Al Rossas Bay, and features a private beach and outdoor swimming pool. Many of the rooms have a balcony/terrace, and some have views of the Red Sea.

Dive Center Facilities

Our dive center is well equipped with all the basic and advanced facilities that fulfill the needs of serious scuba divers and beginners.

Aurora Bay Diving Center

Located 15 km north of Marsa Alam town, right on Jabal Al Rossas Bay, also known as Aurora Bay named after Aurora Bay Hotel located right on the other side of our center. 40 km / about 30 minutes from Marsa Alam International Airport.

House Reef

The bay and its long extending reef are the daily destinations of swimmers, snorkelers and scuba divers. Unique and beautiful rock formations surround the bay, and the waters’ cheerful colors make it stand out.

Dry Room

Our dry room is spacious and well ventilated for storing and drying all your equipment.

Diving Gear

Our dive center is well equipped with all the basic and advanced gear that fulfills the needs of serious scuba divers and beginners. You will find all the equipment you need to rent in different sizes: – Regulators (Scubapro) – BCDs (Aqualung) – Diving wetsuits for both sexes and for juniors (Aqualung) – Masks – Snorkels – Fins & shoes – Snorkel fins.

Compressor Room & Tanks

We supply 12l Alutanks (90 tanks available). Our tanks all have DIN-valves and there are enough adapters available for regulators with INT-valves. Our tanks are serviced and tested regularly, and are filled by a Bauer Compressor. For the best quality air compression we have a maintenance contract “Air-check” according to DIN_EN 12021 standards.

Class Room

Our classroom is spacious and comfortable, where you receive your theory lessons and video sessions in a focused and proper environment.

Rinsing Pools

We have two rinsing pools each with 3 compartments: one for BCDs & Wet Suits, another for cameras & regulators, and the third for Masks, Snorkels, Boots & Fins.

Team Members

Our team consists of instructors from different backgrounds and nationalities. We always try to maintain this cosmopolitan combination in our team, and friendliness is a key characteristic in our recruitments.

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Courses & Packages

We offer both PADI and SSI courses for all levels, as well as several packages that will fulfill your different needs and inclinations, including shore, boat, speedboat and Zodiac trips.

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